Sunday, September 1, 2013

Buying Pizza Using Counterfeit Money?

If you have counterfeit money, you might think that you can spend it for cheap items so that you won't get caught. You can spend it for a bottle of mineral water, or maybe a loaf of bread or maybe two pieces of fried chicken.

Think again. You shouldn't have the counterfeit at first place. If the money is in your hand, you should report to the authority, not spending them!

If you get caught for buying fried chicken using counterfeit money, you might go to jail or need to pay for an amount of money. It's not worth at all! Then the next day news goes like this: Going to Jail because of Fried Chicken.

It isn't funny because it had happened before. Read this news.

Danbury Police: Counterfeit $50 for a Slice of Pizza

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Danbury Police officers were sent to Nico's Pizza on Main Street at about 8:20 p.m. Thursday over a disturbance involving counterfeit money. Upon their arrival, Police determined that Miguel Audelo (photo), 22, of Queens, NY was attempting to purchase 2 slices of Pizza with a counterfeit $50 bill. Upon interviewing Audelo, he told police he does this for a job.

"He goes around and tries to spend less than $5 so he can get the change," said Danbury Police Spokesman Christian Carroccio. Police said they found other counterfeit $50 bills on Audelo. Audelo was charged with two counts of first-degree forgery, and criminal attempt to commit sixth-degree larceny. The counterfeit bills were turned over to the Secret Service. Audelo was held on a $100,000 bond for the above mentioned charges, and an ICE Detainer. Additionally it was learned that Audelo was wanted in Queens, NY for felony forgery. Audelo was additionally charged as a fugitive from justice and held on an additional $25,000 bond.
You got the message right? Good.


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