Do you wonder how this awesome blog could exist? Well, here's the story.

This blog has been created in conjunction of Malaysia Consumer Day 2013 (or in Malay, Hari Pengguna Malaysia 2013). This special day that always been abbreviated as HPM 2013 is been celebrated anually on July 26.

Well, this blog is not the official blog of HPM 2013, but one of promising participant (yeah, sure) for Consumer Blog Competition that has been organized in conjuction of HPM 2013.

This blog focuses on the title 'Counterfeit and Consumers'; and that's where comes the idea to build a blog entitled 'Fake Enough?'. A thrilled blog title isn't it? :D

This blog has been completely built and will be updated frequently. We promise not to make a boring blog but a very attractive blog that you will surf for hours (just kidding, nobody will surf a website for hours unless it's Facebook or 9gag).

Well, wish us luck. Pray for the success of this blog for the competition.

Thank you.


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