Friday, June 14, 2013

HP Anti-Counterfeit Toner Cartridge Technology

As if to emphasize industry concerns over counterfeiting and sales of black market printer supplies, HP has launched a Toner Cartridge Authentication (TCA) program to help customers confirm the purchase of original HP toner cartridges.

HP mentioned here is referred to Hewlett-Packard Company which is one of super big company that provides products, technologies, software and many more. Some of the products are printers, scanners, digital cameras and also tablet computers.

HP had introduced this free, downloadable software to help customers distinguish original OEM HP toner cartridges from counterfeits. In addition, HP's new Toner Cartridge Authentication program will identify remanufactured cartridges as "used," along with identifying other non-genuine cartridge states. The company is also offering customers who own various LaserJets and download the software various rewards for using original OEM supplies.

Counterfeit products always give consumers a lot of problem.

If the cartridge is identified as something other than a genuine HP cartridge, the program will present the user with a range of recommended options aimed at addressing potential counterfeiting. If the user believes that he has bought a genuine HP cartridge and the software determines that it is not, then he will be directed to HP’s Anti-counterfeit website to report the a potential counterfeit.

Sounds good isn't it? It simply helps the user from using the counterfeiting products.

If you eager to have the software, you may go here.

Read more about this technology on Goat-Labs and CatridgeSave.


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