Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Consumer Protection Laws

    In order to educate and protect the consumers, the government had issued an act in order to protect the consumer in our country.

The Malaysia's Consumer Protection Act 1999 (CPA) (was amended on 2010) is an act which came into effect 1st October 1999. It is a piece of legislation enacted with the main objective to provide greater protection for consumers who acquires goods and services for personal, domestic or household use. This is vital for consumer as the provisions of this act cover areas not covered by other existing laws.

Under the Consumer Protection Act 1999, your rights granted cannot be taken away from you notwithstanding conditions in any agreement that you have signed. Consumers are also protected from products, services, and manufacturing processes that may expose their health and life to danger.

Meanwhile, the Trade Descriptions Act 1972 prohibits misdescription of goods provided in the course of trade and false or misleading indications as to the prices of goods, charges or rates for services, accommodation or facilities. This act was amended to include scratch and win scams, misleading advertisements, sale of imitations or fake products. On August 2011, Trade Descriptions Act 1972 has been subtituted with Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

Other acts protecting consumers are the Direct Sales Act 1993, the Weights and Measures Act 1972, the Hire Purchase Act 1967, the Control of Supplies Act 1961 and the Price Control Act 1946.
You may get the pdf version of the acts here:
Consumer Protection Act 1999

Trade Descriptions Act 1972
Trade Descriptions Act 2011
Direct Sales Act 1993
Weights and Measures Act 1972

Hire-Purchase Act 1967
Control of Supplies Act 1961
|| Malay version || English version ||
Price Control Act 1946
|| Malay version || English version ||

Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011


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