Monday, June 17, 2013

A Counterfeit Encounter

This is the video of Channel One News' Jessica Kumari who takes viewers inside the fake goods trade.

The video is available on Channel One News' Youtube Channel since April 26, 2010.

Jessica's report focused on counterfeit handbags being sold in New York City's Chinatown -- and one of the biggest "knockoff" markets out there is for designer handbags. However, in addition to being illegal, you should know that when you buy a fake designer handbag, the people who made that bag are likely earning very little money for their work. They may even be children working in sweatshops.

Another problem associated with counterfeiting: The workers employed in these factories may work in harsh conditions. Their employers are not only stealing someone else's intellectual property, they are not likely to be ethical business people either. The profit they make could be tied to illegal drugs, human trafficking and even terrorism.


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