Sunday, June 16, 2013

WealthTV’s Luxury Goods & Counterfeits

SAN DIEGO, CA. – June 23, 2006, – Americans spend over 200 billion dollars on counterfeit goods each year.  Most buyers are unaware that they are buying a fake. WealthTV’s Luxury Goods & Counterfeits delves into the rampant world of knock-offs with its in-depth special, Luxury Goods and Counterfeits.  From handbags to watches, from sunglasses to golf clubs, this special report program shows you the subtle and not so subtle differences so you can spot a fake and gives you the tips to avoid buying counterfeit luxury items. Join host Troy Hartpence as she meets with brand experts and intellectual property investigators to find out what companies are doing to combat this growing problem. Do you know how to spot a fake?  Find out the simple steps to avoid getting ripped off.


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