Sunday, June 16, 2013

'So Fake' Documentary Series

Recently, I found a documentary series entitled 'So Fake'. Sounds good isn't it?

So Fake is a documentary series produced by Verite Productions Plc. (Singapore). It has been aired in February-March 2012 on Singapore's MediaCorp. So Fake examined the business of counterfeit goods in Asia.

Well, it is not just a simple series because the experts also involved. Among the experts, it featured Mr. Gary Lewis, UNODC Regional Representative, East Asia and the Pacific. What is UNODC? UNODC is an abbreviation of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes. It is something big isn't it when you mention 'United Nations'?

Here are the first five episodes preview on the official website of UNODC :
If you keen to watch the full episodes, you can view the playlist here : So Fake Youtube Playlist


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