Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fake Britain: Counterfeit Goods

From his 'Fake House' stuffed with counterfeit goods, presenter Dominic Littlewood reveals the extent of fake goods in the UK.

We investigate the tragic tale of seven-year-old Connor O'Keefe who was electrocuted and died after using a fake power charger for his electronic game. Fake electricals are produced in the Far East but are potentially lethal. Fake Britain examines fake fuse boxes which are tested with alarming results.

There's a look at the fake mini motorcycles that endangered the lives of the children they were bought for, and the case of the company which bought non-organic food, rebranded it as organic and made a small fortune.

Customs and Excise officers search a high street shop and find thousands of fake cigarettes, before uncovering an audacious plan to smuggle fake cigarettes from China into the country hidden in huge fans, while Trading Standards and Customs officers shut down a fake vodka distillery and find hundreds of bottles of fake vodka on sale. We even see how good old British cod and chips is being faked in fish shops by using a much cheaper fish from Vietnam.


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