Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guidelines on Handling Counterfeit Banknotes by Commercial Banks

These are the guidelines on handling counterfeit banknotes by commercial banks, as provided by Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM) :

  1. Do not stamp “Disyaki Palsu”, write on, cut, re-circulate or alter the physical condition of the suspected counterfeit banknotes.
  2. Record full details of the sender’s name, address and I/C number, denomination, quantity of counterfeit banknotes and other related information in a record on the detection of suspected counterfeit banknotes.
  3. Hand-over a copy of (2) above to sender as proof of the bank’s receipt of the suspected counterfeit banknotes.
  4. Photocopy sender’s I/C and the suspected counterfeit banknotes.
  5. Lodge a police report at the nearest police station promptly and surrender the suspected counterfeit banknotes, copy of sender’s I/C and other related documents to them.


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