Sunday, June 16, 2013

Google fights fake Products

As written by Inga Höfener on April 10, 2011 at Consumer Goods Club Blog

Internet search-engine Google intends to increases its efforts against advertising of fake products. Google has been criticized in the past for promoting fake products via its ad-word advertising.

Google intends to establish a reporting site which encourages consumers to notify Google of suspicious advertisments. Those reports shall be traced within 24 hours.

The question is: will Google’s approach prevent consumers from buying fake products?

I would say no! According to a study of the US Chamber of Commerce the Internet is the most favored emporium for fake products. Websites promoting faked goods or pirated copies record up to 53 billon visitors each year! Why should the visitors of those websites notify Google?

Of course there is an urgent need for action. Web based counterfeiting and piracy causes damages of estimated 150 billion Euros (!!!) each year. The European Commission also realized the need for action and intends to reinforce penal laws.


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